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August 22 2018

'Ongoing major incident': UK police cordon off, shut down hospital until Thursday

8 Fast-Food Companies Agree To End 'No-Poach' Agreements Under Threat Of Lawsuit

Washington state's attorney general says Applebee's, Church's Chicken, Five Guys, IHOP, Jamba Juice, Little Caesars, Panera and Sonic will stop using agreements that limit workers from changing jobs.
China considers construction of high-speed railroad to Russia’s Far East
Shipping giant Maersk to transport its first cargo via Russia’s Arctic sea route
US funds organization to sow chaos abroad, but complains about Russian ‘meddling’ – Max Blumenthal
South Africa’s land expropriation could trigger default, warns agricultural bank

Kerala: Some evacuees return home despite risks as floods recede

More than one million still in makeshift camps after homes were inundated with floodwater in Indian state.

US imposes new sanctions on Russian shipping firms

Companies apparently violated sanctions against North Korea, as well as two individuals over cyber-related activities.

World's Largest Shipping Company Heads Into Arctic As Global Warming Opens The Way

Container giant Maersk will send one of its ships through the Arctic on the Northern Sea Route to test its feasibility as a new, time-saving shipping lane.

Venezuelan migrants targeted in Brazil

Brazilians have attacked camps for immigrants escaping the economic crisis in Venezuela.

Greece: How are youth coping as years of austerity comes to end?

After eight crisis-filled years, and country's third and final financial bailout totalling $330bn, for many Greeks - especially the young - damage has already been done.
3 Pennsylvania men charged with 1,460 counts of ‘sexual intercourse with animals’

Members Of Spain's 'Wolf Pack' Spark Outrage At Pool in Seville

Two of the five men that were convicted of sexually abusing an 18-year-old girl at a 2016 festival in Pamplona were forced from a public pool by outraged community members.
‘It can turn around’: Trump would rather tolerate ‘fake news’ than accept ‘censorship’
2 men sentenced to death for gang-raping & slitting throat of 8yo girl in India

No More Cages: New Animal Cracker Packaging Sets The Mighty Beasts Free

"To continue to make the brand relevant for years to come, we felt this was the right time for the next evolution in our design, now showing the animals in a natural habitat," said the company.
Shocked passengers watch their jet engine burn during emergency landing in Russia’s Ufa (VIDEO)
Washington is always assessing new targets in Russia for sanctions – US State Department

Army Has Reinstated Dozens Of Discharged Immigrant Recruits And Reservists

Discharge orders for more than 30 recruits from a program created to fill high-demand positions throughout the military in exchange for a fast track to citizenship, have been rescinded.
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