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June 14 2019


Top Hong Kong Adviser Calls For Delay In Extradition Bill To 'Mollify The Public'

The remarks made in a radio interview by Executive Council convenor Bernard Chan, a key government adviser, come as Hong Kong braces for further protests over the weekend.

A Not-So-Thrilling Ride For U.S.-Made Roller Coasters

China is a big customer for U.S.-made roller coasters. But since President Trump's trade war, China has imposed steep tariffs on American rides. Some in the industry fear losing a lucrative market.

'He's In Our Soul': Sisters Remember Their Dad's Legacy On Father's Day

At StoryCorps, Estela and Candy Reyes recount how a simple act of devotion helped them say goodbye to their beloved father. "Papito era lo máximo," Estela said. "He was everything to us."

Why 2020 Democrats Are Lining Up For Clyburn's 'World Famous' Fish Fry

The annual fish fry is hosted by Congressman James Clyburn. He's the most influential Democrat in South Carolina politics, and as House Majority Whip, the highest-ranking black leader in Congress.

Beto O'Rourke Calls For A 'Moonshot' To Combat Climate Change

Former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke told NPR's Steve Inskeep that "we're going to have to free ourselves from the dependence we have on fossil fuels and that means a greater investment in solar and wind."

Why Air Ambulance Bills Are Still Sky-High

The median air ambulance bill is more than $36,000 and is seldom covered by health plans. So far, legislative hurdles and industry pressure have kept Congress from stepping in.

Man Accused In New Zealand Mosque Shootings That Killed 51 Pleads Not Guilty

Australian Brenton Tarrant, 28, who appeared in Christchurch High Court via video link, smirked as his lawyer entered not guilty pleas on charges of terrorism, murder and attempted murder.

Toronto Raptors Clinch Their First NBA Title, Denying Warriors A 3-Peat

In Game 6 at the Warriors' Oracle Arena in Oakland, the Raptors pulled out a 114-110 win in a heart-stopping game that is destined to become an NBA classic.

June 13 2019


Mich. Prosecutors Drop Charges In Flint Water Investigation, But Promise New Probe

Prosecutors say the original criminal investigation into Flint's drinking water scandal was compromised by a failure to pursue all available evidence.

Trump Turns Trade Talks Into Spectator Sport

President Trump plans to hold trade talks with his Chinese counterpart. The administration's rhetoric is not the kind of dry, technocratic language one usually associates with trade negotiations.

Street In Front Of NASA Headquarters Renamed To Honor 'Hidden Figures'

The name pays tribute to the legacy of African American women who played a major role in the space race but were long overlooked by history.

Who Made The Cut: DNC Announces Primary Debate Contenders

A total of 20 candidates will debate over two nights in late June. Among those who didn't qualify: Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, who is arguing that the party should let him in.

New York Advances Bill Ending Religious Exemptions For Vaccines Amid 'Health Crisis'

The New York Assembly voted 77-53 to pass the measure, which also eliminates other nonmedical exemptions for schoolchildren across the state.

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders To Leave The White House

President Trump announced the departure in a tweet on Thursday, calling Sanders "a very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job!"

What Medicine Can Learn From Doctors And Researchers With Disabilities

Bonnielin Swenor has dedicated her life to helping vision-impaired patients. She also has low vision herself — and she is fighting to increase the presence of disabled people in science and medicine.

How Almonds Went From Deadly To Delicious

In a new study, researchers pinpoint the genetic mutation that transformed almonds from toxic and bitter to tasty and sweet.

Why Your Local Weather Forecast Is Going To Get Better

"Virtually any aspect of the weather forecast — whether it is temperature, or precipitation — will see overall improvement with this upgrade," a National Weather Service scientist said.

Over-Enrolled, Virginia Tech Offers Some Incoming Students Alternate Options

The university is making 1,500 incoming freshmen eligible for financial incentives to delay enrollment, such as a gap year stipend. Now, some students are pondering whether or not to take them.

Hackers Demanding Ransoms Paralyze City Computer Systems In The U.S.

NY Times cybersecurity correspondent Nicole Perlroth says hacking tools developed by the NSA were stolen, posted online and are now being used in cyberattacks, including one on the city of Baltimore.

FACT CHECK: Foreign Interference And 'Opposition Research' Are Not The Same

President Trump says he might be open to taking information from a foreign government in a future election, calling it a part of politics. But the law draws a distinction when foreigners are involved.
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